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Ferrari 330 GT 2+2

The 330 GT was introduced as a replacement for the 250 GTE which had been Ferrari's first series production model to offer a four-seat cockpit arrangement. Two versions were constructed between 1964 & 1967; the appropriately titled Series I and II. Produced alongside the sultry 275 GTB and exclusive 500 Superfast; the 330 GT was designed as a more comfortable and less demanding vehicle to drive. The Tipo 571 chassis frame was in many ways a close development of the frame used for the outgoing 250 GTE. A number of important revisions were made including a 50mm wheelbase extension and the inclusion of adjustable Koni shock absorbers.

The final series of the 330GT is known as the “Series 2” which features a five-speed gearbox instead of the overdrive four-speed of the earlier models. Other changes included the switch back to a twin headlight instead of a four-headlight configuration, factory build options included: air conditioning, power steering and power windows. The other improvements introduced to the Series 2 cars were redesigned turn signals, the fuel filler was moved from the right side to the left side and the slotted side air vents were changed to a three-piece scoop design, with the most important changes being the 2-mount positioning for the engine and “hanging pedals.

Ferrari 330 GTC

The GTC Berlinetta was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1966; designed by Pininfarina. The cars were more like their 275 counterparts than the 330 GT 2+2. They shared the short wheelbase of the 275 as well as its independent rear suspension. If there was a sixties Ferrari that only Ferrari people knew about it was the 330 GTC! Maybe it was the stunning looks of this Pininfarina design or the 10-inch shorter wheelbase, brakes, steering, rear transaxle and fully independent suspension of a 275. Once one knows the models, it becomes obvious how the cars design differentiates the GTC from the 2+2 GT. In fact, despite the familiar name, it would be more appropriate to consider it a descendant of the 275 GTB, rather than the other model.

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Ferrari 330

Ferrari 330

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