1958 Aston Martin DB Mk III Fixed Head Coupé

Right Hand Drive : UK Supplied : Original Registration Number : Chassis Number AM300/3/1421 : Engine Number DBA1043

One of Only 462 Motorcars Produced: Concours Restored

The DB 2/4 Mk III (normally known as the Mk III, even at the time of its introduction) was a sports car hand-built and sold by Aston Martin from 1957 through to 1959. It was an evolution of the DB2/4 Mk II and retained the earlier car's W.O. Bentley-designed, Lagonda 2.9L straight-6 engine, redesigned by Tadek Marek.

Changes included a grille similar to the company's racing DB3S, a new instrument panel, and for the first time ever on an Aston, disc brakes. The hydraulically operated clutch was new as well, and an optional Laycock-de Normanville overdrive attached to the 4-speed gearbox became standard after the first 100 cars. Worm-and-sector steering and a live axle rear end were also carried forward from previous models.

The standard DBA engine model with twin SU carburettors produced 162hp, though an optional dual-exhaust system (a claimed 16 bhp increase) raised this to a reputed 178hp. Thus equipped, the car could reach 60 mph in 9.3 seconds and hit 120 mph.

Our car was manufactured in January 1958 and was commissioned to be built by A.D. Hindley Esq. of Burnley in Lancashire. A highly documented and substantial historical chassis file accompanies the car to include the detailed documented maintenance history from May 1958 to the present day. 

In 2008, Trinity Engineering embarked on a 100 - point restoration for the current recorded keeper, Warren John Jenkins. The engine was upgraded and converted to unleaded, transmission upgraded to a 5-speed all-synchromesh, electric power steering, modified suspension and uprated brakes. Since then, marque specialists, Pugsley & Lewis have maintained the DB MK 3 that included a report, recent full service, tune and underbody detail. In 2016 the DB MK 3 secured 3rd place in the AMOC concour only dropping points due to the driving enhancing modifications fitted to the car.

These cars provided the basis for Aston’s brilliant racing successes culminating in the 1959 World Sports Car Championship. Though marque connoisseurs have always appreciated them, the regard for the DB Mark III has risen significantly in recent years. Its stature in today’s market is supported by its technical sophistication, excellent performance and eligibility for many of today’s most desirable vintage motoring events.

Price £395,000.00

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